Recent Study Highlights Online Gambling Reliability Issues in India

Recent Study Highlights Online Gambling Reliability Issues in India

Over 25% of India’s online gamblers face serious challenges, from identity theft to issues with transactions.

Ken Research’s recent study on the online gambling consumer behaviour in India revealed these findings.

Titled “Consumer Behaviour Analysis for Online Gambling Industry in India,” the research highlighted numerous reliability concerns.

Key issues for more than a quarter of participants in online gambling included various risks like fraud, unauthorized transactions, and difficulties in fund withdrawal.

The report pointed to India’s complex cultural and legal environment as a contributing factor to these challenges.

With varying state laws on gambling, ranging from total bans to regulated allowances, this legal inconsistency creates confusion for both operators and consumers.

India’s government introduced new online gambling regulations last January.

Additionally, only a small percentage of online gamblers are fully aware of the industry’s regulations, potentially leading to the use of unregulated services.

The study attributed this issue to the complex nature of gambling laws and limited access to detailed information. In response, Indian authorities recently blocked 22 illegal betting apps and websites.

This action followed the introduction of a new 28% turnover tax on licensed online gambling operators.

Despite these challenges, the study also foresaw potential growth in the sector.

In regions like Delhi and Maharashtra, online gambling is most popular among those aged 36 to 44, while in Uttar Pradesh, it’s prevalent among the 26 to 35 age group.

In Karnataka, a significant number of 36- to 44-year-olds engage in online gambling, spending 11 to 20 hours per week.

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